“Khabaar: An Immigrant Journey of Food, Memory and Family”

Non-fiction: Narrative

Pushcart-nominated essayist Madhushree Ghosh’s “Khabaar: An Immigrant Journey of Food, Memory and Family”, expanding on a Longreads essay that received a Notable Mention in The Best American Food Writing 2020, weaving the stories of her refugee Bengali parents, her own move from India to America, and innovative South Asian chefs, and how they used food to recreate their worlds in a new place and maintain connections with their families and cultures. University of Iowa Press, publication date April 4, 2022, by Dana Newman at Dana Newman Literary (world English).


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What they are saying about Khabaar

From University of Iowa Press

Khabaar is a food memoir and personal narrative that braids the global journeys of South Asian food through immigration, migration, and indenture. Focusing on chefs, home cooks, and food stall owners, the book questions what it means to belong and what does belonging in a new place look like in the foods carried over from the old country?

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