So glad you could stop in. Come. Sit. Let’s Talk.  I write about food and how it morphs with immigrant journeys. Besides food, I write about science and women of color in science.

I also talk about my family, our immigrant journey, my childhood in New Delhi and my life as a woman in science in America. I talk about my family a lot. A. Lot.

Tell me your story. I’m here.

Madhushree Ghosh – Essayist. Daughter of Refugees. Immigrant. Scientist. Cook. Immigration-Journeys Explorer. Conversation-Maker. Extroverted-Introvert (also, socially-awkward). Roots in New Delhi and San Diego.

“Khabaar: An Immigrant Journey of Food, Memory and Family”

Non-fiction: Narrative

Pushcart-nominated essayist Madhushree Ghosh’s “Khabaar: An Immigrant Journey of Food, Memory and Family”, expanding on a Longreads essay that received a Notable Mention in The Best American Food Writing 2020, weaving the stories of her refugee Bengali parents, her own move from India to America, and innovative South Asian chefs, and how they used food to recreate their worlds in a new place and maintain connections with their families and cultures. University of Iowa Press, publication date April 4, 2022, by Dana Newman at Dana Newman Literary (world English).

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Rishi Reddi in LA Review of Books called KHABAAR, “Equal parts memoir, political commentary, and cookbook, …(KHABAAR) braids food and memory and loss into a single compelling strand.”

Lopa Basu in India Currents says, “Food offers a vision of not just one woman’s immigrant journey, or that of her extended family’s—it juxtaposes individual with national trauma.”

Sunday Mid-Day hails KHABAAR as “A new book blends a memoir with the larger narrative on how food from the region has travelled through immigration, migration, and indenture.”

Layla Khoury-Hanold in Hippocampus Magazine notes, “Khabaar is for readers looking for a deeper understanding of how food serves as a platform to explore other topics, such as the immigrant experience, social justice, and self-discovery, for food lovers who relish descriptive prose and armchair travel, and for anyone who devours thoughtful, reflective writing set against a precise style of storytelling.”


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