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Articles & Publications

Local author seeks connection with home country through food, KPBS,

17 Books From Independent Publishers You Need To Read This Summer, BuzzFeed News,

Author Madhushree Ghosh explains how oiling her hair has become an inextricable part of her Bengali identity, Vogue Online,

“Community garden helps immigrants put down roots” Madhushree Ghosh,, May 2022,

“Hungry? The new memoir from San Diego author Madhushree Ghosh serves up a banquet of life experiences” Karla Peterson,, April 2022,

“Chicago Review of Books: 12 Must-Read Books of April,” Editorial Staff,, April 2022,

“15 New Books by Women of Color You Should Buy This Women’s History Month,” Rebecca Freund,, March 2022,

“Kirkus Book Review,”, February 2022,

“Ms Magazine 2022 Most Anticipated Books for The Rest of Us,” Karla J. Strand, Ms. Magazine, February 2022,

“Questionnaires and Interviews – This is 51,” Sari Botton, Oldster Magazine, January 2022,

“22 Books to read in 2022 by South Asian authors,” Brown Girl Bookshelf, December 2021,

Selected Publications:

  1. Khabaar: An Immigrant Journey of Food, Memory, and Family, 2022 (University of Iowa Press)
  2. VOGUE India
    1. How an Indian immigrant holds onto her memories of home through Jabakusum oil, June 2022
  3. Writer’s Digest
    1. Talk to the practitioner: Madhushree Ghosh, May 2022
  4. Chicago Review of Books
    1. Your favorite book podcast, April 2022
  5. Orange County Register
    1. Community garden helps immigrants put down roots, May 2022
  6. LitHub
    1. How cooking helped me build a new home, Essay, June 2022
  7. Writers’ Digest
    1. The Braided Essay: What it is and why I used it for my food memoir, April 2022
  8. LA Times
    1. As an immigrant, I want to reclaim my name—and my identity, Op-Ed. January 2022
  9. Oldster Magazine, January 2022
    1. This is 51: An Interview with Madhushree Ghosh
  10. Los Angeles Review of Books, 2021
    1. Past our breaking points—a conversation with Anjali Enjeti
  11. Longreads
    1. The State We Are In: Neither Here, There, Or in Heaven (2021)
    2. At the Maacher Bazaar, Fish for Life                                     (2019), Best of Longreads, April 2019, Best American Essays in Food Writing, 2020, Honorable Mention)
    1. The Washington Post
      1. My company makes COVID-19 tests and we’re exhausted. Op-ed. May 2020
    2. BOMB Magazine
      1. Interview with Nina Mukerjee Furstenau
      2. Interview with Anjali Enjeti
      3. Interview with Natashia Deon
    3. Guernica (2019)

    Plumbing the Silences Between Mothers and Children (Michele Filgate, Nayomi Munaweera, and Sari Botton reflect on a new anthology, What My Mother and I Don’t Talk About) –

    1. Ravishly

    In Conversation with Camel Crazy author, Christina Adams (2019) –


    1. The New York Times
      1. At the Stroke of Midnight My Entire Family Was Displaced Op-ed. (2017)
    1. Juggernaut
      1. Pyaara se Pyaar or the Love for Guava (March 2020) –

    Featured on PBS News Hour

    Capturing the horror and hope of India’s recent

    COVID-19 surge from afar

    Jun 7, 2021 6:40 PM EDT

    COVID-19 has torn across India with a deadly ferocity. While infection numbers have dropped from their horrific peaks last month, more than 120,000 new cases were reported on Monday. All the while, Indians living in the U.S. have raced to help friends and family contending with the outbreak. Here are some of their stories, in their own words.

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    Dana Newman Literary Agency
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