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Books and Such

I am so excited to talk to you about these authors.

You’ve been warned, I’ll talk more about their work and the authors in my next few newsletters, yes, that’s how excited I am. Please, if you could, order, pre-order, and read them—they’re amazing writers, human beings and their words need to be read.

Bhaswati Ghosh’s Victory Colony, 1950. This novel (released September 2020, Yoda Press) is a Partition novel, about East Pakistan refugees resettling in Kolkata, but more importantly, it’s a search for home, a love story and a story of resilience. Bhaswati—a journalist, translator and all-round amazing person—and I, have many stories in common, including growing up in the same Delhi neighborhood, relatives from the same part of what’s now Bangladesh, with families who arrived in India as refugees. She captures a world so familiar, it’s a joy. Read Victory Colony, 1950, please.


I admire Anjali Enjeti’s work so much, it’s insane. An organizer, award-winning journalist and former journalist, Anjali’s a cofounder of the Georgia chapter of They See Blue, an organization for South Asian (yes, a play on the word, desi) Democrats. Her books, you heard that right, plural, will be out in Spring of 2021—Southbound: Essays on Identity, Inheritance and Social Change (UGA Press) and her debut novel, The Parted Earth (Hub City Press), also about the Partition, by way of Atlanta, but a perspective from the western part of divided India. You’ll be blown away by her work and also, she has the most perfect bangs.


Anirban Mahapatra is the real deal and is the scientist that I hoped to be when I grew up. And his book, COVID-19: Separating Fact from Fiction is exactly what we need right now. Anirban talks about infectious diseases, the origins and history of this virus and how we are combating it. I cannot wait. It’ll be out February 2021 in India and shortly after that, here. I’ll update you soon.

Literary Representation

Dana Newman Literary Agency
1800 Avenue of the Stars, 12th Floor
Los Angeles, Los Angeles County 90067, USA

Publisher, "Khabaar: An Immigrant Journey of Food, Memory and Family"

University of Iowa Press
119 W. Park Road, 100 Kuhl House, Iowa City IA 52242-1000
Ph: 800-621-2736